Let’s be honest: Without your dog, something would be missing – relaxation, new experiences…

When your dog is with you, you feel great! And to make sure your dog also feels great, you’ll gladly give him something in return.

Likewise, we also value your dog a great deal, which is why we develop products to strengthen him for his daily adventures. Products which can be easily absorbed into his body and which are ideally suited to his needs. We also produce food supplements for every phase of his life.

dental herbs 365

Teeth and dental hygiene is an important aspect of the daily care for our four-legged friends.

dental herbs 365 supports the regulare care of teeth, gums and mouth flora with purely natural ingredients such as oregano, curcuma, peppermint, green tea, pomegranate and spirulina.

All these ingredients are traditionally used in mouth and dental care for their odour-neutralising, calming and saliva-stimulating properties.

daily balance

Even for the most easy-going dog, there are moments that can cause stress, such as travel, thunder and lightning, a visit to the vet, or of course, if you are away from him for an extended time.

daily balance helps your beloved dog to relax in such moments and to feel better, and is suitable for whenever he feels uneasy. And you can rest easy: in this soothing preparation, we use natural substances such as valerian, hop, amber and lavender.

nutrients 365

Our dogs are born to explore the world – it’s in their nature. So it’s important they get sufficient vital substances.

These are also of great benefit to sensitive and older dogs, due to many diseases within our civilisation and the impact of the environment, both of which can make them suffer. To help, we have put together a balanced mixture drawn ginseng and many other good things.

gastro balance

Many dogs suffer from indigestion – food intolerances and allergies are constantly on the rise, and a fatty and protein-rich diet often has an unfavourable effect on the digestive system.

gastro balance supports the intestine’s regeneration through the strength of medicinal plants such as sage, caraway, fennel, oregano and yarrow, traditionally known for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

in motion 365

These days, our dogs also have a longer life expectancy. This, of course, makes us happy! However, like us, they also increasingly suffer from aching joints or a painful musculoskeletal system.

Unfortunately, we usually realise it only very late that they are in pain, often at a time when the disease already has considerably progressed. Besides this, many dogs also suffer from illnesses like hip dysplasia congenitally.

nutrients for cats

Cats – often in motion and very active. Therefore, the natural protective mechanisms of their immune systems are particularly prone to stress.

Our formula combines the most important vitamins and specially selected trace elements to help maintain overall health. As they are present in an organically bound form they ensure optimum metabolic availability.


A dog that can stay fit throughout his entire life: this concept lies at our heart and inspires us to find new ideas to support him to stay active and healthy.



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Meaningful and innovative products for your dog


Nutrients for pets that are meaningful and can really support help our dogs feeling good -  that's our main focus at animaux. We develop products which enrich our dogs because our best friends enrich our world; we want to give something back to them of everything they give to us.


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